W.C.Stewart's Spiders
Black Spider
Hook: 12-16.
Tip(optional): Orange or red floss or silk.
Body: Brown tying silk, well waxed.
Hackle: Cock starling neck feather palmered
half way down the body.
Red Spider
Hook: 14-16.
Body: Yellow tying silk.
Hackle: Feather from the outside wing of landrail
or a small red hen hackle
palmered as before.
Dun Spider
Hook: 12-16
Body: Well waxed yellow tying silk.
Hackle: Soft dun, or ash-coloured feather palmered as before.
Originally a dotterel feather was used, but the inside a starling wing or a light dun hen  is a suitable substitute.
These three flies were the only river flies recommended by Stewart in his book published in 1857, but they were very much older than that.
Black Spider (Stewart)
Hook : Size 17 TMC 103BL
Silk : Pearsall’s Brown.
Hackle : Starling.

This fly was given to Stewart by James Baillie and was probably an old local fly.
I tied it on a fine wire dry fly hook for a  wee change.
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