From “The Way of a Trout with a Fly“ and “Nymph fishing for Chalk Stream Trout” by G. E. M. Skues

                    Published by Adam and Charles Black Ltd.

Method 1.


1   Placing your hook say, a Limerick No. 16 - in your vice, begin whipping near the eye.




2   Whip nearly half way down the shank

3   Tie in here, with point towards head of hook, a bunch of six or eight fibres of feather, of a suitable colour, regulating the length so that when the fibre is bent over the eye of the hook and tied down there will be enough of the points left to be pressed out on either side to represent the legs.


4   Then pass the silk under

the ends of the fibres of feather on the side of the

bend of the hook, and whip

on the bare hook to the tail.



5   Tie in two short whisks of suitable colour.