The Long Rod

  The long rod, eleven feet and longer (3.3528 metres plus) was the rod used throughout the world before the general introduction of the reel in the 19th century.

  There have been two main survivals, the Japanese Tenkara and the Italian Alpine styles. In the literature, there is David Webster’s book “The Angler and the Loop -Rod”(1885) and a chapter in W. H. Lawrie’s “International  Trout Flies” (1969) which discuss European long rods and with Lawrie, more specifically, on reverse hackled flies for fast running mountain streams. Webster used very lightly dressed Clyde style flies. The Italian Alpine style survived in the Alpine valleys known only to local anglers, and the Japanese Tenkara style was in a much more healthy condition.

One of the main reasons for these survivals seems to have been the availability of suitable bamboo.  

  I have included various Reverse Hackle style flies as they are in the main used with the long rods, although there is no reason they cannot be used with conventional modern western style tackle.