Nymph Recipes

From James E. Leisenring’s book

The Art of Tying The Wet-Fly

  In his book, Leisenring lists seven nymphs.

1. The Tup’s Nymph.

2. The March Brown Nymph.

3. The Half Stone Nymph.

4. The Dark Olive Nymph.

5. The Pale Watery Nymph [1].

6. The Pale Watery Nymph [2].

7. The July Dun Nymph.

    The list appears to be based on British patterns.

For instance 1 is derived from the “Tup’s Indispensable”, usually fished as a dry fly.

   Number 2 is less certain as there are many American versions of the “March Brown”.

  Number 3, the “Half Stone” is a very well known dry/wet fly from the west of England and is dressed with cock  hackle.

  Numbers 5,6 and 7 are all dressed with cock hackle.

  Numbers 4.5,6 and 7, are all based on G. E. M. Skues patterns,

Which is not surprising as Leisenring had a considerable correspondence with Skues.