Silk Thread  of various

Manufacture, suitable for fly dressing.

1 Pearsall

Pearsall is probably the best known brand of silk used in fly-dressing.

It has been used for over two hundred years by British fly-dressers.

There is a very limited range of shades. The spools are not the standard size, and are not marked with a shade number or name, therefor careful ordering is required to avoid confusion between similar shades.


YLI100 is not so well known in the UK, but is available on=line from tapestry web-sites. It is of Japanese manufacture and appears to be marketed from the USA. In 200m standard spools, it has a very large range of shades. Very much an alternative to Pearsall unless of course you are an anally retentive obsessed with North Country authenticity.

3 Seta Reale

Seata Reale is another silk from tapestry suppliers, it was introduced  onto the UK market about two or three years ago by Coats.

It is in two thicknesses, the finer suitable for tying NC spiders etc.

The thicker is intended for button-holes etc [button-hole twist].

A large range of shades, but is spooled on cardboard tubes and has

to be re-spooled, unless you prefer to use a length of silk and no bobbin-holder.

4 Gutermann

Gutermann is a lot thicker than Pearsall, more like Seata Reale button-hole twist. Can be found in Sewing & Knitting shops.

Useful for bodies on wet-flies. Is also on cardboard tubes.

5 Clover

Clover is another Japanese silk marketed in the U.S.A.

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