Wingless Wet Flies (FLYMPHS?) 1.   
Hotspot Olive Spider.
Pale Watery (Flymph ?)

Hook:  #12 standard wet.
Silk:  Pearsall’s yellow.
Hackle:  Conranch juv. hen 
             Gold necked blue dun.
Tail:  ditto.
Rib:  Fine gold wire.
Body:  Hareline Olive # 11.
As there is a dispute in various web-sites, on what constitutes a “Flymph” or even if there is such a thing as a “Flymph”, it may be a figment of our imagination, I have decided to alter these pages as much as I can and use the term “Wingless Wet Flies” for the moment, as the most innocuous.
Donald Nicolson