The Blue-Winged Olive.

Its many dressings British and (later) North American .


British  Ephemerella ignata



B-W. O. Nymph (John Veniard)

Hook: 12 - 14.

Tail: Grizzle hen hackles dyed yellow.

Body: Heron herl dyed olive.

Rib: Gold wire.

Thorax: Dark olive seal's fur.

Wing-case: Goose breast feather-fibres dyed pale-olive.

Legs: One turn of grizzle hen hackle dyed yellow.


B-W. O. Nymph (Preben Torp Jacobsen)

Hook: 14.

Tying Silk: Hot-orange.

Tail: Three or four brown speckled partridge hackle fibres.

Abdomen: A small amount of otter fur spun on the tying silk.

Thorax: Soft red cow's hair.

Hackle: Small dark-blue hen hackle.


B-W. O. Nymph (Roger Woolley)

Hook: 14.

Body: (1) Greenish olive heron herl, ribbed with gold wire.

          (2) Darkish olive quill.

          (3) Celluloid over waxed olive tying silk.

Thorax: Darkish olive dubbing.

Legs & Whisks: Speckled hackle dyed yellow.

Wing Cases: Goose breast feather dyed pale olive.


Clyde Style Nymphs


Hooks: 16 - 18

Whisks: Two or three fibres grizzled hen dyed yellow.

Body: Heron herl dyed olive, or olive fur spun on yellow tying silk

and ribbed with gold wire.

Thorax: Dark olive fur.

Hackle: Grizzled hen dyed yellow.



As above on larger hook 14 - 16.

Wing-cases: Secondary wing feather of starling dyed pale olive.