These are mainly 20th century  Wet Flies

The following patterns have been gleaned from

(a) Roger Woolley’s book ‘Modern Trout Fly Dressing’ 1932,

(b) John Bickerdyke’s ‘The Book of the All-round Angler’ 1888,

and (c) W. H. Lawrie’s “Modern Trout Flies” 1972.

Alder (a)

Hook: 1,2. or 14.

Silk: Claret.

Body: Claret floss, ribbed with a strand of

            cock pheasant tail.

Hackle & Whisks: Dark rusty blue dun cock.

Alder (c)

Hook: 10 to 14.

Silk: Claret.

Body: Peacock herl ribbed with two strands

            of unwaxed claret tying silk.

Hackle: Shoulder hackle - black cock;

               Head hackle - wood-cock or grouse.


Black Upright (a)

Hook: 0,1. or 14.

Silk: Black.

Body: Black Quill.

Hackle & Whisks: Black cock.

Black Upright (c)

Hook: 14 to 16. TMC 101

Silk: Black.

Body: Black tying silk.

Hackle & Whisks: Black cock.


Blue Upright (c)

Hook: 10 to 14.

Silk: Yellow.

Body: Stripped peacock eye quill,

            either natural or dyed yellow.

Hackle & Whisks: Natural medium blue cock.


Blue Winged Olive Dun (a)

Hook: 0,1. or 14.

Silk: Yellow

Body: Greenish yellow heron herl,

or dubbing, ribbed gold wire.

Hackle: Medium blue dun cock.

Whisks: Fibres from an olive cock.